Garage Door Opener

Automatic garage door openers are an important device for Newnan Ga home owners.

Your Garage Door Opener is a motorized tool that opens and closes your homes garage doors. Switches and remote controls placed in garage walls control them. These switches have remote controls handheld by car owners.

Drive System

screw-drive system

It has an elevating mechanism that moves with the threaded steel rod. This is a powerful unit which requires less upkeep. The body of the opener is situated at the center of garage ceiling. The price range of these units is between $150-200.

It uses a long screw inside the rail which pushes the trolley. It is the slowest among all openers. However it applies more force than the others. It is useful for one piece larger and heavier doors. It is also quieter than the chain openers.

chain drive system

It has a lifting mechanism operated by a metal chain which moves with its tracks.

They are the most popular and least expensive openers. However, they create more noise than screw types. Chain drives are also found in the center of a garage ceiling.

The price range of these units is between $100 and $170.

The chain loop is inside the rail. The rail guides the trolley which is attached to the door arm. The door arm is attached to the door. Most units come with many complex parts that may be dangerous to work on if you are not experienced. Please call Garage Door Repair Newnan today for a free estimate!

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