Genie Garage Door Opener

Owning a home in Newnan Ga with a garage door more than likely you will also have some kind of automatic garage door opener. If your contractor installed the door opener when your home was built in most cases it was the cheapest model available. Frequently most automatic garage door openers begin to fail within a few short years. Not having a quality garage door opener like Genie installed in your garage will not only lead to an inconvenient failure but also could put your home and family at risk.

Genie garage doors openers have been around for a long time and have set the standard for automatic garage door openers. There are probably more Genie garage doors openers in American homes than in any other brand of automatic garage door opener. They manufacture a full line of home garage door openers including several models that can easily installed by just about any home owner.

You can find Genie garage doors openers for sale in most of the big box home improvement stores including Home Depot and Lowes. The staff of each of these retailers will help you decide what garage door opener you need and provide helpful information on installation. In most cases you can install your genie garage doors opener within 3 hours if you have the assistance of a second person. A single person can also install a garage door opener in about 4 hours. In most cases installation will only require regular household tools to accomplish.

In addition these home improvement stores will also arrange for professional installation if desired. In most cases unless you are going to need several wired keypads a professional installer will complete the job of installation in less than an hour. Genie garage doors opener systems feature wireless keypad systems that make installation very simple. The Genie Homelink and Intellicode one systems will assure that your garage will not be opened by thieves. Every time the garage door is operated the operational code is changed and there are more than 4 billion different combinations so it is unlikely that someone will be able to access your garage with a remote scanning device.

The Genie Excellerator garage doors opener will open your garage at twice the speed of a conventional garage door opener. This is a great feature if you are worried about security. Instead of waiting for your garage door to open the Excellerator will open fast enough to allow you to continue move your vehicle into the garage without stopping.

Unfortunately the major flaw in the system is that it only closes the door at normal speed allowing an intruder to enter the garage before the door closes. No doubt that this feature was fostered by some idiot company attorney that was worried about liability. I guess they figure that it is much better to be murdered by an intruder than be foolishly hit by a closing garage door.

In general you will find that Genie garage doors openers are a great way to efficiently open and close your garage doors. We would have preferred to have a way of integrating the system into the home security system. Never the less we do recommend Genie garage doors openers for your home.

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